Luisa Tesch

Programme Manager

Luisa holds a master’s degree in Social Policy and Public Health from Utrecht University and studied Psychology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. After college, she specialised in Childhood and Public Policies. She has a background in research and consultancy regarding childhood and youth policies in Chile. She has worked on different projects regarding education, youth in alternative care and adoption.

Her main areas of interest are children and adolescent wellbeing (especially those in the child protection system), evaluation of social programmes and social policy.

During the last 6 years she has volunteered in migration organisations in Chile. Currently she is on the board of the charity organisation Corporación El Arca, which works as a shelter for migrant families and development spaces for the migrant community in Santiago de Chile.

As a child

As a child Luisa spent a lot of time exploring her creative side drawing or building labyrinths in her house. She also felt very connected to nature and animals (and her stuffed animals as well) and therefore wanted to become a veterinary. The interest of caring for animals then grew towards caring for people, and she still thinks it is very connected to her profession as a psychologist.