Margaret Kernan

Senior Programme Manager

Margaret has spent the last 30 years working internationally in the fields of education and development. She began her professional life as a teacher of young children working in primary and pre-primary schools in Ireland, England and the United States. Following a Masters in Psychology of Education from Institute of Education, University of London, Margaret worked as a researcher and lecturer in Early Childhood Education Care at the Dublin Institute of Technology. At the same time she pursued her research interest in children’s outdoor play.

Since joining ICDI in 2009, Margaret has managed research and development projects and facilitated training in Ethiopia, Hungary, Kosovo, Nepal, Palestine, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Turkey. Since 2012 Margaret is also specializing on intergenerational learning between young children and older people. She is also passionate about the importance of play for children's well-being.

Margaret has a PhD in Education (University College, Dublin) and has published widely in the field. A particular interest throughout her work has been interdisciplinary and intersectoral approaches to better understand children’s lives and to improve their opportunities.  


When she was child Margaret was always quietly independent. She enjoyed taking risks and going on adventures, but was a bit of a home bird too! She loved the fun and competition of street play with friends, chasing, hopscotch, elastics, rounders …..According to family lore, when Margaret was young her ambition was to be 'a professional'. It took her a while to work out which kind of professional suited her best.


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