Mariana Palazuelos

Programme Manager

Mariana has a MA in Social Work. She has more than 5 years of  experience in project management, research and training in Mexican and international organizations.

Mariana’s main areas of interest are early childhood, children’s rights, child protection, and women empowerment. Being part of the ICDI team gives her the opportunity to promote the psychosocial well-being of children around the world. She especially likes that she can work for children and young people in Latin America, the region where she is from and that is close to her heart.


Mariana was a curious child. She had a great interest in the universe and wanted to be an astronaut. As the Internet wasn’t available back then, her way of discovering the universe was through magazines and newspaper articles. She used to have a notebook with pictures and articles she cut from magazines. She also loved reading books, as well as playing with her brother and sister. And she enjoyed going to the beach, as the picture below shows.