Mathijs Euwema



Mathijs is a child psychologist with over twenty years of programme and project management experience in the Dutch and international context. 

Besides management, he has vast experience in:

  • developing and delivering training (in, amongst others, child and youth development, life skills for adolescents, and alternative care)
  • action research
  • carrying out needs assessments and evaluations
  • developing policy advice and tools for practitioners (such as manuals and checklists)

He has worked for children and youth in the Netherlands, Kosovo, Sudan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chechnya, Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel/Palestine, Eritrea, Cyprus, Liberia, Ethiopia, Nepal, and Georgia. 

Mathijs is director of ICDI since September 2007


As a young child, Mathijs was curious and adventurous. Sadly he was also very clumsy and not that smart, so he broke almost all the bones in his body at different points in time. Despite all this - and you would not guess that from the picture below - he was also a very happy child, who liked to read and laugh.


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