Paz Heusser-Ferrés


Paz, a psychologist from Chile, is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Social Challenges, Policies, and Interventions Programme at Utrecht University. With a longstanding commitment to promoting the well-being of young people, she has dedicated her career to developing and implementing social programmes to contribute to it. As a professional, she believes in working from the capabilities and assets that each person has and develops, as well as from the strength and care of the community.

After several years of professional experience in the field, working directly with children, adolescents, and their families, with a special focus on psychosocial risk prevention, Paz has chosen to focus her efforts on gaining expertise in interdisciplinary research, design, and evaluation of social interventions. At ICDI, Paz is eager to learn and collaborate with a diverse team dedicated to enhancing the psychosocial well-being of children and young people.

As a child

Paz loved playing with her sisters. Whether indoors or outdoors, she enjoyed creating adventures, games, and imaginary landscapes as setting for their play. She also dreamed to become a veterinarian as she loved dogs and all animals. Despite being shy, she cherished going to school, absorbing knowledge, and engaging in endless games with her friends. She grew up in a nurturing environment surrounded by her sisters, brother, parents, and grandmas.

Paz and play

Paz really enjoyed playing in the street with her friends, whether riding her bike, skating, or playing various games. She also loved playing with her sisters, imagining they had a library or a restaurant, or whatever else they could come up with.