Remi Goossens

Programme Manager (Youth)


Remi graduated with her bachelor of Social Work in Amsterdam in 2009. After graduating she worked several years for a Dutch organization involving homeless youth, training them to do participatory research, use their knowledge to spread information amongst peers and give advice to professionals.

Her experience, combined with a passion for travelling, lead her to ICDI where she has been working since 2014 as a programme manager.

Remi is currently involved in the 5-year programme 'Her Choice' as manager for Sierra Leone, a project that focuses on building worldwide child marriage free communities.

Remi is also managing a project in Nepal called 'Breaking the Barriers'; safeguarding the Rights of Girl Infants. Besides that, Remi assists in several long term projects all over the world, giving training in various topics like doing quality assessment, participation of girls, life skills and children as researchers. 



+31 (0)715127420