Rutger van Oudenhoven

Senior Prog. Manager (Children and Youth)


Rutger has a master’s degree in cultural anthropology with a specialization in development studies. 

In his professional work he aims to convince people that any development should take into account the well being of children and youth, as they form the core of our investment in the future. 

Projects focus on a range of topics, including promotion of foster care, institution reform, life skills education, early childhood development, and researching new phenomena and problems that children of today face.

As senior programme manager at ICDI, Rutger is currently responsible for several long term projects in Belarus, Nepal, Pakistan and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. 

Rutger also assists in most of the other projects that ICDI does in various parts of the world, and has work experience in Central America, Western Europe, the Balkans and Japan.



+31 (0)715127420