Rutger van Oudenhoven

Senior Programme Manager


Rutger has a master’s degree in cultural anthropology with a specialization in development studies. 

In his professional work he aims to conviey the message that any development effort should take into account the well-being of children and youth, as they form the core of our investment in the future. 

Topics Rutger has worked on include: promotion of foster care, institution reform, life skills education, support to war affected children, girls rights and combatting child marriage, and researching new phenomena and problems that children of today face. 

As senior programme manager at ICDI, Rutger has been responsible for several long term projects in Eastern Europe (Belarus, Ukraine, Romania), Asia (Nepal, Pakistan), and Africa (Ethiopia), and in the Middle East in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. 

As all ICDI team members, Rutger is also an experienced trainer and action researcher.  


Rutger was a happy child, who loved the world. He was passionate about nature, sport, history, different people and cultures, and spending time with friends and family. For him, the best way to stay happy was to keep exploring. As an adult, he still feels that way and he is grateful that his work at ICDI and with ICDI's partners helps him doing that!


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