Sarah de Vos

Senior Prog. Manager (Children and Youth)

Sarah has a master’s degree in Cultural Antropology with a specialization in Children’s Rights (University of Amsterdam).
She has over seven years of experience as a researcher, project manager and analist in Dutch non profit organizations with a focus on children’s rights, as well as experience in communication and as highschool teacher. Her particular expertise lies in the field of (online) child sexual exploitation and child labour.
Being a programme manager at ICDI (Children and Youth Team) gives Sarah the opportunity to dedicate her energy and committment to advocating children’s rights, empowering children and protecting them from harm, for example through the programme Her Choice, in which 4 Dutch NGO’s and 27 local partners combine their efforts to combat child marriage in 11 different countries.


Sarah loved reading, building huts and picking flowers. She was interested in several things and every year she had a different idea about what to do with her future: ballet dancer, teacher, engineer, gymnast, and many more.


+31 (0)715127420