Simona Giancola

Communication Manager

Simona has over 10 years’ experience in communication and relations management, youth and adult education, training and facilitation.

In her career she managed communication activities in the fields of sustainability, organizational culture, and eco-tourism. She worked as a teacher for adolescents and young adults, and as a Master trainer she trained hundreds of other trainers from all over the world.

Simona is a convinced advocate of life-long learning, and she constantly keeps researching, studying and developing herself. This is reflected in her variegated academical and professional background: after graduating in International Relations and Migration studies at Bologna University and in Youth and Adult education at Siena University, she has been trained as trainer and facilitator at some of the best training schools in the Netherlands. In 2010 she decided to pursue a career in the non-profit sector. She completed a post-graduate master course in Project management and Communications for the non-profit sector, and she has been working for NGOs ever since.

Before moving to the Netherlands in 2010, Simona lived in different European countries for study and for work. This gave her the opportunity to cultivate her passion for intercultural communication and foreign languages. Simona can liaise in English, Italian, Dutch, French and Spanish.

At the beginning of 2018, Simona joined ICDI in the position of Communication Manager and expert trainer, and she is now responsible for spreading the message of ICDI and its partners around the globe.


Simona was an independent, curious and energetic child. She loved to spend her days playing outside with other kids, explore the nature around and interact with people. She was very talkative and never tired of listening to stories - especially the ones told by the elderly neighbors and her grandparents. She loved books, was scared of cars and she was very passionate about fighting the world's injustices. For this reason, she dreamt of becoming a journalist and traveling the world.



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