Una Vujičić


Una is a student in the masters’ program Youth Studies at Utrecht University. She obtained her bachelors’ degree in Developmental and lifespan psychology at Tilburg University. Currently, she is writing her masters’ thesis and enjoying her internship at ICDI.

In high school, Una enrolled in the IB program in her hometown Banja Luka. During this time, she started actively volunteering around the city on various projects, one of which was an orphanage. She developed a particular sensibility for children. Besides working with children as an educational assistant, Una volunteered in a daycare center for children growing up in risky environments. This volunteering experience set the course for her future and led her to apply to ICDI, hoping to learn, progress, and expand her knowledge about child protection.


Una was an open and very curious child. Throughout her childhood, she was surrounded by friends and laughter. She discovered books very early on and fell in love with them. When she was 7, Una was introduced to classical ballet and stuck with it for some exciting and joyful 10 years. She was a good student, who enjoyed learning and expanding her knowledge. As an only child, she was taught to be independent and ambitious, and advice that has been with her ever since.