Young Peer Researchers and their perceptions of healthy relationships

Our colleague Rutger van Oudenhoven travelled to Bulgaria for one of our new programmes: Adolescents Perceptions of Healthy Relationships. The children will become Young Peer Researchers, and will help us understand how their peers perceive healthy relationships. They form part of a larger group of children from Sofia, but also from urban and rural areas in Tanzania!

In this first part of the research project, they will learn to understand what research is, define what relationships are and start to develop questions and research methods that they will use for the coming 18 months.

They will be expected to develop a survey, and in time conduct interviews and focus groups amongst their peers. Participatory observation, photo elicitation and other methods are also expected. They will have quite some freedom in designing the research, and will be actively involved in the interpretation of the data.

Senior Programme Manager Rutger van Oudenhoven wrote a blog about his trip. You can read it here.

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This programme is funded by OAK foundation. We work together with the Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Animus Association (Bulgaria) and Nascent (Tanzania)