Home Visiting Toolkit

ICDI is happy to share the Home Visiting Toolkit developed for the project ‘Making the first 1000 days count in Ethiopia!’.

The home visiting programme is developed by ICDI to supplement the existing health extension workers’ programme, supported by the national Ethiopian government, which is focusing mainly on health and nutrition.

Our home visiting programme puts play and responsive parenting at the centre, offering carers access to important information as well as very practical tools they can use in the day-to-day relationship with their young children.

The Toolkit is composed by 4 parts:

Part One: Being a Home Visitor.

  • Key messages:
    – The main role of the Home Visitor is to listen to and empower the families he/she works with.  It is very important to form a trusting relationship with families.
    – Home-based family interventionrequire tailor-made help, respect and confidentiality.

Part Two: Home visits in Practice.

  • Key messages:
    – The home visitor will guide and motivate parents to play with their children, explain how this supports their learning and development and inform them about the activities and services that are linked to the Play Hubs.
    – The final goal of the home visits is to make sure that the most vulnerable families eventually become regular visitors to the Play Hubs, where they will be able to be involved in early learning activities for their children, parenting workshops and access basic health services.   

Part Three: Info Cards on child development, play, learning and parenting.

  • Key messages:
    – Home Visitors need to build trusting and respectful relationships with the childrenparents and other family members.
    – Parents are motivated to care for their children – the Home Visitor should support them.

Part Four: Activity Cards to promote responsive parenting, child development and playful learning

  • Key message:
    – Each visit is different, it’s important to choose the right activities according to the child’s age and developmental stage. This is why it is necessary to plan the visits ahead of time.

The Toolkit is part of the project ‘Making the first 1000 days count in Ethiopia!’, with which ICDI, along with our partner organization, Education for Sustainable Development, developed a comprehensive approach combining home visiting and centre-based playful learning and responsive parenting activities in 7 communities.

It has been developed to be easily adapted to other contexts and on larger scales.

Download Part 1 and 2

Part One and Two are publicly available, but if an organisation is interested in applying it, ICDI offers a training during which Part 3 and 4 are also shared and explored. Please feel free to contact us through icdi@icdi.nl

Click here to download Part 1 and 2 of the Toolkit in English and Amharic.

‘Making the first 1000 days count in Ethiopia!’ is funded by Stichting Dioraphte