Who we are

Our Vision

ICDI believes that all children should grow up in loving, safe and supportive environments. Every child should have the chance to be(come) him/herself/themselves, having all opportunities to develop healthily, surrounded by people who care.

Our Mission

ICDI promotes the psychosocial well-being of children growing up in difficult circumstances by working in the fields of early childhood education and development and child protection and well-being.

As a knowledge organisation, we work at the intersection between research, policy and practice, developing meaningful, effective solutions so that all children can grow up in safe, loving and nurturing environments and lead happy lives.

Our team

We are a small but dedicated group of professionals with academic backgrounds in the social sciences and extensive experience in child and youth related issues.

Our board

ICDI’s board members do their work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any remuneration for their activities. The board meets at least three times a year and consists of between three to seven members, who are appointed for a three-year period (re-election possible).

Committee of Recommendation

The members of the Committee of Recommendation support the mission and vision of ICDI. They are renowned dignitaries and experts in their respective fields.

ICDI tries to roll-back the increasing lack of contact between the generations by, for example, bringing children together with elderly people.

Prof. Dr. David Lancy, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, University of Utah

ICDI implements programmes supporting psychosocial development, not only of the childrenthemselves, but of communities as a whole.

Dr. Elly Singer, Associate Professor (ret.) Developmental Psychology and Education at the University of Utrecht and University of Amsterdam

ICDI’s work revolves around the empowerment of children and young people and aims to support children’s rights.

Prof. Dr. Ton Liefaard, UNICEF Chair in Children’s Rights at Leiden Law School, Leiden University

For more than twenty years ICDI is making impressive contributions to the psychosocial well-being of children and young people around the world

Drs. H.J.J. (Henri) Lenferink, Mayor of Leiden

Annual Reports

Our illustrated annual reports give a good overview of the wide range of initiatives that ICDI is involved in.