Kick-off “Foundations for the Future” project to support young children in Uganda

This week, ICDI and Nascent (NRDO-U) got together to launch the “Foundations for the Future: A strong start for every child from birth to school-age” project. This collaboration aims to bring our innovative community-based approach that supports playful learning and responsive parenting activities, piloted and implemented in Ethiopia to Uganda.

During our kick-off meeting, we talked about child development and responsive caregiving, as well as the project approach and model. The meeting showed how important it is to help children develop early on, and we’re excited to work together to make a real difference.

Our project seeks to empower caregivers and communities with the knowledge and tools necessary to support optimal child development. Through collaborative efforts and targeted interventions, ICDI and Nascent aim to create environments conducive to holistic growth and well-being for children in Uganda.

During the meeting, both organisations expressed enthusiasm and dedication to the project’s objectives. Together, we want to make sure every child in Uganda has a bright future. With teamwork, new ideas, and a shared goal, we are determined to make a positive change for children and their families.