A Play Hub for internally displaced children in Ukraine

ICDI and Labour and Health Social Initiatives (LHSI), an NGO based in Kyiv, are launching the first Play Hub project in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Play Hub aims to create a safe and inclusive space for internally displaced and war affected children and their families. The project focuses on promoting psychosocial well-being, ensuring access to education and essential services, and fostering integration into the host community. Through a range of activities and partnerships, the Play Hub will provide a nurturing environment for vulnerable children, emphasizing equity, diversity, and intergenerational learning.  


With the support of the Centre Rodinniy Dim the Play Hub will serve as a safe and inclusive space for vulnerable groups, focusing on children aged 0 to 10 years. The objective, is to provide psychosocial support, access to play and learning activities, healthcare, and protection services, and facilitate their integration into the new/host community. 


The project will achieve its objective through the following strategies: 

Creating Safe and Inclusive Spaces: The Play Hub will establish a welcoming environment that fosters socialization, emotional expression, and trauma-informed support for children and families. It will provide a range of activities and learning opportunities to facilitate their adaptation and development. 

Service Integration: The Play Hub will collaborate with education, health, social services, housing, and employment sectors to ensure comprehensive support for the targeted families. By coordinating with relevant stakeholders, the project will enhance access to specialized services and resources. 

Equity and Diversity: The Play Hub will prioritize the inclusion of vulnerable groups, such as minority communities and children growing up in challenging circumstances. It will promote equity, intergenerational learning, and diversity in its activities and services. 

Target groups

The project will directly benefit the following target groups: 

Internally Displaced and war affected children and their caregivers in Kyiv: offering them access to psychosocial support, educational opportunities, and integration services. This group constitutes the primary focus of the project. 

Non-Internally Displaced Children and Caregivers: The Play Hub will also welcome non-internally displaced and war-affected children and their caregivers, creating an inclusive and diverse environment that promotes socialization and mutual understanding. 


Capacity Building: ICDI has trained 11 specialists in the TOY for Inclusion approach, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to create a nurturing environment within the Play Hub. 

Resource Development: ICDI has adapted and translated the TOY for Inclusion manual and toolkits, enabling effective implementation of inclusive practices and quality educational experiences for the target groups. 

Collaboration and Networking within TOY for Inclusion Programme Network: ICDI will facilitate collaboration between TOY for Inclusion programme partners, creating opportunities for peer learning and sharing through study visit and peer learning events. By fostering cooperation, ICDI enhances the sustainability, scale-up and impact of the Play Hub initiative. 

Through its active involvement, ICDI aims to contribute to the positive development and well-being of internally displaced children and their families in Ukraine, ensuring their successful integration and access to vital services. 

Facts and figures


Labour and Health Social Initiatives (LHSI)

Kyiv City Center “Family House”

Project Manager

Ketevan Sulava