Training for law enforcement in Ukraine: online sexual violence

Yesterday, ICDI, in cooperation with long-standing partner Labour and Health Social Initiatives (LHSI), provided an online training about online sexual violence. The training was part of the LHSI project ‘Empowering Law Enforcement in Overcoming online Violence against Children’, which focuses on preventing online sexual violence of Ukrainian youth. The project is funded by the EU.

Due to the war, the circumstances are extremely challenging for our Ukrainian colleagues. However, the training was attended by over 100 participants, mainly police officers and social workers.

The main issues addressed in the training included:

– What is online sexual violence
– What are the main types?
– Understanding the root causes
– Consequences for all actors involved
– Cross cutting themes: sexting, victim blaming and gender stereotyping
– How to use the CYBERSAFE materials (adapted Ukrainian version)

Parts of the CYBERSAFE Toolkit, which ICDI co-developed, were translated and adapted to Ukrainian language and context and will be used in these workshops.

The participants of the training are now equipped with the knowledge and skills, as well as with the materials needed to organise workshops for young people (12-16 years old to raise awareness about online sexual violence. During these workshop young people will learn how to recognize online violence, what to do to protect themselves and others online and what steps they can take if they experience or witness online harm to end the situation.