Child and youth development

In this training, we explore the different concepts relevant to child development (including abnormal development). We introduce a model of resilience and risk and protective factors to assess children’s situations and how to use that to develop appropriate interventions. We also look at ways cooperation between different stakeholders in child care can be improved to provide better care. Together with the participants, we will design action-oriented care plans, that can be used in their daily practice.

Duration: 1 to 4 days

Training topics include:

  • Brain development
  • Sexual development
  • Identity development
  • Normal and abnormal child development
  • Attachment
  • Resilience model
  • Child abuse (recognizing and interventions)
  • Non-verbal communication in children
  • Intervision (peer group supervision)
  • Care planning

For: Staff from international and national child-centered organizations, psychologists, social workers, educators, and community workers.