Cybersafe: preventing online child abuse

Brief description:

Online violence is a growing concern. In an increasingly digital world, young people across Europe are socially interacting online more and more. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed children’s daily lives even further online and the amount of (unsupervised) time spent online has increased substantially due to lockdowns worldwide. While access to the digital world is important to participate in society and online spaces provide many positive opportunities, they also increase risks of online violence. Online ‘experimenting’ can be recorded instantly, spread rapidly, and viewed by a wide audience. Compromising content can circulate online forever. Young people are increasingly being confronted with online sexual violence, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Duration: Training can be delivered online or in person. We suggest 1-day training for online delivery (adapted version) and 1,5- or 2-day training for in-person delivery.

Training topics include:

  • Understanding and recognizing online violence against girls
  • Preventing online violence against girls
  • Responding to online violence against girls

For: Local and international NGOs, ECD institutions, practitioners, community workers, and volunteers.