Diversity and inclusion in early childhood education and care

Brief description:

One of the most exciting and beautiful things happening now in the world is the enormous amount of contact among people with different socio-cultural backgrounds. Societies are becoming increasingly diversified, but policies and approaches toward this new diversity do not always promote inclusion, tolerance, and dialogue.
Within the framework of a common understanding of basic human values, an incredible wealth of diverse cultural assets can be enjoyed by everyone and be given new forms and meaning. Education on diversity and inclusion needs to take place for all ages, starting from the early years. Values of ‘social inclusion’ and ‘respect for diversity’ are starting to be promoted in childcare in many countries. Yet, putting these values into practice is often quite difficult.
This training aims at presenting the current state of the art in this field and exploring different methods to put inclusion and diversity into the daily practice of ECEC.

Duration: 1 to 2 days

Course content (non-exhaustive):

  • Introduction to concepts of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Examples of respect for diversity in ECEC in practice
  • Different theoretical approaches (schools of thought) about Diversity
  • Reflection on own experiences of togetherness and sense of belonging
  • Exploration of promising and innovative approaches such as DECET principles and the Anti- Bias Education

For: This course is designed for ECEC practitioners and managers.