Importance of Early Years

Brief description:

Early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behavior, and health. Experiences from birth to age 8 affect the development of the brain’s architecture and a strong foundation helps children develop the skills they need to become well-functioning adults. A child’s brain undergoes an amazing period of rapid development from birth to three. The development of the brain is influenced by many factors, including a child’s relationships and environment. The experiences children have early in life play a crucial role in the development of the brain.

Duration: Training can be delivered online or in person. We suggest 0.5-day training for online delivery (adapted version) and 1.5- or 2-day training for in-person delivery.

Training topics include:

  • Child development
  • How Early Childhood Experiences Affect Lifelong Health and Learning
  • Play and the brain
  • Toxic stress and resilience
  • Good practices around the world

For: Local and international NGOs, ECD institutions, practitioners, community workers, and volunteers. Local policy makers (municipalities) and local organisations linked to ECD and inclusive education.