Life Skills development for children and adolescents

Brief description:

The main aim of the training is to provide people working with children and youth with the knowledge and competencies to develop and implement life skills development programs for children and young people aged between 12 and 21. In addition, trainees will acquire the necessary skills to train colleagues in the life skills development of these age groups. Life skills development is about the empowerment of young people to sustain healthy social and family relationships, continue their education or find employment and learn to live independently.

Duration: 2 to 5 days

Course content (non-exhaustive):

  • Life and social skills development of Adolescents
  • Individual work with adolescents (including assessment, goal setting, action planning, and individual coaching)
  • Psychosocial Development in Adolescence
  • Sexuality and Reproductive Health
  • Social network strategies
  • Group dynamics
  • Experiential learning
  • Intervision and supervision
  • Case management

For: Staff from social services, local authorities, international and national NGOs/CBOs, psychologists, social workers, educators, and community workers.