Nest centre (after school programme)

Brief description:

This is a mandatory introduction training for any organization that wants to implement the Nest Centre model. The Nest Centre is an after-school facility for children from multi-problem families. The main aim is to support and develop the resilience of these children and to empower them so they can overcome their difficulties. The Nest Center essentially forms a home away from home. The copyright on the model is owned by Kinderpostzegels (; organizations who want to implement Nest are obliged to follow the introductory training organized by ICDI. There is an accompanying manual.

Duration: 3 days

Course Contents (non-exhaustive):

  • Introduction to Nest (aims, principles, set-up)
  • Child and youth development
  • Child Rights and participation
  • Working with children from multi-problem families
  • Working with parents
  • Working with volunteers

For: Staff from international and national organizations who wish to establish a Nest Centre.