Giulia Cortellesi


Giulia Cortellesi (MSc in Cultural Anthropology) is currently the co-Director of ICDI. She has over 15 years of experience as programme manager in non profit organizations, universities and public institutions in the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. Her particular expertise lies in programme and project management, research, policy development and training.

Her main topics of interest are: early childhood education and care (ECEC), diversity and inclusion in education, community-based solutions, child and youth participation, women’s rights and intergenerational learning.

Giulia has conducted research and delivered capacity building activities in Nicaragua, Nepal, Ethiopia, Palestine, Turkey, Netherlands, and Bangladesh, as well as over 10 European countries.

She is the author of several academic and non-academic publications, toolkits, strategy papers, M&E frameworks and evaluation reports.  

As a child

As a child, Giulia had short hair and liked to play and run outdoors. She was very curious of all technical things, such as telephones, electricity, engines. Being the daughter of two teachers, she was often pretending to be a teacher herself and graded imaginary assignments sitting at the table with her mom and dad. She also was an eager reader. Her dream was to travel the world.