Mariana Palazuelos

Programme Manager

Mariana holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and possess an extensive background in project management, research, and training, accumulated over a span of more than 8 years, working with both Latin American and international organisations.

Driven by a profound passion for making a positive impact, Mariana dedicates her expertise to various critical areas. Her main fields of interest include early childhood development, advocating for children’s rights, ensuring child protection, and empowering girls and women. Joining the ICDI team offers her an unparalleled opportunity to actively contribute to the global promotion of children’s psychosocial well-being and contribute to building a better world where every individual has equal opportunities and access to essential resources.

What truly resonates with Mariana is the chance to work directly with children and young individuals in Latin America, her homeland, which holds a special place in her heart. By doing so, she can play a significant role in advancing the lives of young people within her own region, amplifying the impact of her efforts and nurturing the future generations in the process.

As a child
During her childhood, Mariana exhibited a remarkable curiosity that shaped her aspirations. Intrigued by the universe, she developed a deep fascination for the cosmos and dreamt of becoming an astronaut. In an era before the widespread availability of the Internet, Mariana eagerly delved into the wonders of the universe through the pages of magazines and newspaper articles. She meticulously collected pictures and enlightening articles in a special notebook, which served as her gateway to exploration.

Beyond her astronomical ambitions, Mariana found joy in the world of literature. She immersed herself in books, losing track of time as she traveled the world through her books. In the company of her siblings, Mariana experienced the pure bliss of play, creating cherished memories that would forever bind them together. Mariana also relished in the simple pleasures life had to offer (and still does). One of her favorite pastimes was visiting the beach, where she reveled in the soothing embrace of the sun, sand, and sea (as you can see in the picture).